Curtis Reed has 20 years in IT working in a variety of roles, across numerous industries and technologies.

With a decade's experience as a Business Analyst working directly with clients, Project Managers, and Product Managers, he honed his analytical and communication skills, and observed the downside to traditional Project Management methodologies first hand. Surely, he thought, there must be a better way.

His introduction to Agile, in particular Scrum, was an epiphany. The Agile process and Scrum framework provided many solutions to many of the problems he had seen plaguing the Waterfall process. His curiosity became a passion. Serving first as an analyst for superbly successful Product Owners, he developed a keen understanding of the skills, techniques and practices that made them successful.

He was then promoted to Scrum Master, and spent years honing these skills and interacting with the Agile community in order to become a very successful Scrum Master. His repeated successes across numerous companies convinced him that he had skills and abilities that he should share with others.

It was his interaction with numerous world-class coaches that inspired him to make the leap into coaching. Very few technically skilled individuals can make the switch to becoming Scrum Masters. And fewer still have the highly refined communications and negotiating skills required to be a successful coach. It was the encouragement of these highly-skilled coaches that convinced him that he had a gift in this realm.

 If you are contemplating an Agile or Scrum conversion, or if you have already done that but are not entirely impressed with the result, then it may be time to bring in a skilled Agilist and Coach to facilitate the Agile Transformation that must occur if your teams are going to become High-Performing professionals.

The Agile Coach Experience